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  • Guide For Overseas Doctors To Working As A GP in the UK

    • 12 Aug 2022

    Whether you have never lived in the UK before, or you are returning to practice in the UK after training or practising elsewhere, the process of starting a career in a new environment can be daunting.

  • How To Find A Clinical Attachment in the UK

    • 12 Aug 2022

    If you are an international medical graduate (IMG) considering practising medicine in the UK, you may have investigated possible ways to gain clinical work experience. A great way to familiarise yourself with a UK doctor’s work and the National Health Service (NHS), which will be your employer, is to find clinical attachments. 

  • Which Route to GMC Registration is Right For You as an Overseas Doctor?

    • 12 Aug 2022

    All doctors wishing to practice medicine in the UK unsupervised are required to first obtain full registration with the General Medical Council (GMC). There are numerous routes to GMC registration if you went to medical school and qualified abroad. As such, this article aims to provide you with an overview of your options.

  • The Best First Job in the UK For Overseas Doctors

    • 12 Aug 2022

    Thinking about becoming a doctor in the UK but unsure where to start? If that is the case, you have come to the right place. This article will break down possible pathways into medicine in the UK allowing you to find the best route depending on your background and experience.

  • GP Registration: Certificates of Eligibility

    • 12 Aug 2022

    A Certificate of Eligibility for GP Registration (CEGPR) allows those who have trained as general practitioners outside of the UK to apply to be on the GP GMC register inside the UK despite not having a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

  • Are You Overqualified For UK Specialty Training?

    • 12 Aug 2022

    Many doctors who carried out the early stages of their training overseas decide to relocate to the UK for their higher specialty training, for various reasons. Some doctors do this before having done any specialty training, whilst some make the decision after they have already gained some experience in their desired specialty.

  • A Guide To The Foundation Programme For Doctors

    • 11 Aug 2022

    The Foundation Programme (FP) is work-based training for new MBChB graduates. It facilitates the transition from university by allowing doctors to enhance knowledge and skills, behaviours, and attitudes acquired as undergraduates and develop clinical and professional competencies in a supportive environment that is also safe for patients.

  • What Jobs Can I Apply For With Provisional GMC Registration?

    • 11 Aug 2022

    Provisional registration with the General Medical Council (GMC), alongside a license to practice, allows doctors to participate in an approved Foundation Year 1 (F1) Programme in the UK.

  • Requirements for Registration With The GMC for Overseas Doctors

    • 11 Aug 2022

    All doctors wishing to practice medicine in the UK unsupervised are required to first obtain full registration with the General Medical Council (GMC). Preparing well in advance and checking you meet the requirements early are key to a smooth journey to your GMC registration.

  • How To Become A GP in the UK: A Step-by-Step Guide

    • 11 Aug 2022

    General practice in the UK is a difficult but rewarding career pathway. General practice is a broad field which provides many opportunities to develop academically and clinically, and to explore different aspects of medicine.

  • PLAB Test versus the Medical Training Initiative: Which is the Better Option for Working in the UK?

    • 19 Nov 2019
    • BMJ Careers

    Many find the different routes and options confusing to navigate. With this in mind, BMJ Careers have produced an in-depth guide for Indian doctors on working in the UK.