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  • Motivational Interviewing: The Four Key Stages

    • 31 Oct 2023

    Stephen Rollnick and Nina Gobat from Cardiff University give their advice on the four key stages of motivational interviewing.

  • Five Key Skills To Manage Conflict At Work

    • 31 Oct 2023

    BMJ Learning consultant Sophia Bourne gives her advice on how to manage conflict situations at work.

  • How To Avoid Allegations Of Plagiarism In Medical Coursework And Exams

    • 15 Jun 2023

    Doctors’ and medical students’ reputations are at risk if they inadvertently plagiarise the work of others, or use sophisticated AI tools such as ChatGPT to create text, warns Dr Ellie Mein, medico-legal adviser at the Medical Defence Union (MDU).

  • Can You Spot A Genuine Answer From A Fake One Created By AI?

    • 15 Jun 2023

    To demonstrate the dangers of using AI to help create content for coursework and publications, the Medical Defence Union used AI to generate answers to some common medico-legal questions. See if you can spot the genuine answers from those provided by an AI system.

  • How to develop your teaching skills

    • 4 Dec 2018
    • Kathy Oxtoby

    Teaching is an intrinsic part of working as a clinician, and some may take to it immediately. Others find it hard to meet the demands of the role.

  • Improving your communication skills

    • 12 Aug 2014
    • Arundathi Mahendran

    Read about the steps that you can take to improve your communication with patients, family, and colleagues