Writing an effective print medical job advert

Published on: 8 Mar 2017

You’ve got a vacancy and now you need to write the job advert. But where to start? Recruitment can be time consuming and attracting quality candidates is key. It needn’t be difficult. Our short guide covers the main points you need to think about when writing your ad.

1. Remember your audience

Audience free graphic









See the advert through the eyes of your target audience. Try to think about the candidates you want to attract:

  • What do they want to know?
  • What is important to them?

2. Cover the basics

Job seekers need to know:

  • who the employer is
  • the location of the vacancy
  • the salary
  • the title, level and main duties of the job
  • the level of experience and qualifications needed
  • whether the role is full-time, permanent or a short-term contract

3. Why your workplace? 

How do you stand out from other recruiters? Do you offer flexible working? Recruitment and retention bonuses? Free childcare? Other package benefits such as pension, flexible working, career progression, quality accreditations i.e Investor in People. Think about what would attract a candidate to you rather than another employer.

4. Be concise

Cover everything you feel is important, remember less is more.

5. New ads for new roles

Before you ask to run a repeat advert try to look at the copy through fresh eyes. Maybe there’s a way to improve it this time around and get a better response.

6. Be persuasive

As a general rule, most medical professionals prefer recruitment ads that are balanced and factual. Try to avoid writing or layout styles that are too flowery, brash or long-winded. 

7. Be creative

Make sure your ad stands out with creative design, a tidy layout, logo, colour or an enhanced online listing.

Worcestershire_nhs_full_page_17_Dec This colourful and engaging campaign from Worcestershire not only looks great but has all the relevant information to help a jobseeker find out about a role and facilitate their application.

In this case, the reference numbers on the NHS website will allow them to easily find and apply online.

If you don't have a website that allows online job applications, you can refer to your online job advert with BMJ Careers at jobs.bmj.com.

Here people can apply immediately online and you receive their application/CV/supporting documents (via email or secure login) immediately upon application. Click here to see the full advert. Or see below for other great examples. 


8. The passive jobseeker

Not everyone is an active job seeker all the time. The right advert might catch the eye of the perfect job-receptive candidate if you take the right approach.

9. Response and feedback 

It’s never been easier to track the effectiveness of your advertising. Direct candidates to an application form or an email address rather than your homepage.

10. Ask us! 

If you want to see examples of good recruitment adverts contact us - we are more than happy to help!

Next time we'll provide guidance on how to write a good online medical recruitment advert to complement your print advert. The principles are the same, the information is the same - it's the format, imagery, videos and other web links to information that is key to a good online advert.