BMJ Careers with St Helens

Published on: 11 May 2018


Our normal deadline is Monday 12 noon, five days prior to publication.

Please find below the dates when the St Helens branding campaign will appear in the BMJ. We recommend that you book your practice adverts to coincide with these adverts to maximise impact and response.

Issue Date (Saturday) | Deadline (12 noon)

  • Issue 26th May (Double page spread) | Monday 21st May
  • Issue 23th June (Full page) | Monday 18th June
  • Issue 21st July (Full page) | Monday 16th July
  • Issue 18th August (Full page) | Monday 13th August
  • Issue 22nd September (Full page) | Monday 17th September
  • Issue 20th October (Full page) | Monday 15th October
  • Issue 17th November (Full page) | Monday 12th November
  • Issue 15th December (Full page) | Monday 10th December
  • Issue 19th January 2019 (Full page) | Monday 14th January
  • Issue 16th February 2019 (Full page) | Monday 11th February
  • Issue 23rd March 2019 (Full page) | Monday 18th March


The package consists of the following: 

  • A quarter page full colour advert in 3 issues of the BMJ, combining your own practice branding with that of the central "St Helens - Seeing Primary Care Through a New Light" advertising campaign
  • The support of a central St Helens branding campaign, showing both in print and online promoting General Practice in St Helens
  • An online advert on running for 4 weeks, making use of your practice branding 
  • Additional online enhancements to the online listing, increasing the visibility of your advert on our website (comprised of top job, homepage featured job and premium job enhancements)
  • Your vacancy on the St Helens employer hub, providing potential applicants with details about the advantages of living and working in St Helens

Advert Specification

The specification of your advert is a quarter page space. This is measured at 130mm by 95mm, and allows for approximately 180 words, although this can vary depending on how the text will be formatted (for example the size of text and use of bullet-points)

Supply of material

Ensure all pictures/logos are high resolution and CMYK format

Send to your account manager - Sam Thomson