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Patient and public partnership

The BMJ is committed to partnering with patients and the public in all aspects of its work. Input from them routinely informs our thinking and decisions. Our innovative patient and public partnership strategy, adopted in 2014, is designed to promote co-production of our content and aims to help advance the global debate on patient and public involvement in healthcare and health research. We seek to air debate, and spread learning globally on best practice on how clinicians, researchers, policy makers and medical educators work in partnership with patients and the public, in different contexts, to improve health, promote well being, and make health services more person centred. Our strategy was co-produced with an International Patient Advisory Panel and continues to be steered by them.

How the strategy promotes co-production of editorial content

RESEARCH: Authors submitting research papers are required to complete a statement documenting if and how they involved patients and the public in their work. Papers are also sent for review by patients and public reviewers, as well as to peer reviewers.

EDUCATION: Authors of articles invited for the journal's Education section are requested to co-produce their papers with patients and their linked communities.

COMMENT: Patients are invited to write viewpoints and their input is sought in scholarly comment and debate. We also publish two patient led series What your patient is thinking and BMJ Opinion Patient Perspectives series.

Debate on how patient and public partnership can be achieved in different settings is advanced through the Partnership in Practice series where illustrative examples of co-produced change in clinical practice, education, research and policy are published here.

Patient and Public Partnership across the BMJ Company

The BMJ supports the Patients Included campaign and we have adopted its requirements for the conferences we run and co run.

Patients are members of the judging panels for BMJ Awards.

Elements of the BMJ's patient and public strategy are being taken up incrementally by the company's portfolio of special journals.

Patient as editors

Patient Editors on staff are fully integrated into the BMJ's editorial teams and members of the International Patient Advisory Panel sit on the journal's Editorial Board.

How patients and the public can get involved

We have an open invitation to patients, carers, and patient advocates to join our database of patient and public reviewers willing to comment on papers.

We also welcome submissions for the BMJ Opinion Patient Perspective series and ideas for other content. These should be sent to the BMJ Patient Editor team.

Terms and conditions of our work with patients

Evaluation of the Patient and Public Partnership Strategy

Frequency of reporting on patient and public involvement (PPI) in BMJ research (2018)
Patient and Public Reviewer Survey (2018)