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Health in the Anthropocene

The Anthropocene epoch is characterised by the dominance of humans over the global environment. We hope this special series will raise awareness of the threats to humanity and natural systems in the Anthropocene epoch, but more importantly will inspire creative and far sighted responses to our era’s pressing challenges.


Challenges for health in the Anthropocene epoch
Andy Haines, Pauline Scheelbeek and Kamran Abbasi

Health in the Anthropocene - the case for urgent action
Andy Haines, Pauline Scheelbeek and Kamran Abbasi


Long term exposure to ambient fine particulate matter and incidence of stroke: prospective cohort study from the China-PAR project
Keyong Huang, Fengchao Liang, Xueli Yang and colleagues

Association between ambient fine particulate pollution and hospital admissions for cause specific cardiovascular disease: time series study in 184 major Chinese cities
Yaohua Tian, Hui Liu, Yiqun Wu and colleagues

Short term association between ozone and mortality: global two stage time series study in 406 locations in 20 countries
Ana Vicedo-Cabrera, Francesco Sera, Cong Liu and colleagues

Short term exposure to fine particulate matter and hospital admission risks and costs in the Medicare population: time stratified, case crossover study
Yaguang Wei, Yan Wang, Qian Di and colleagues

Health impacts and environmental footprints of diets that meet the Eatwell Guide recommendations: analyses of multiple UK studies
Pauline Scheelbeek, Rosemary Green, Keren Papier and colleagues


Health benefits of policies to reduce carbon emissions
James Milner, Ian Hamilton, James Woodcock and colleagues

WHO should declare climate change a public health emergency
Andrew Harmer, Ben Eder, Sophie Gepp and colleagues

Making healthcare and health systems net zero
David Pencheon and Jeremy Wight

Integrating climate action for health into covid-19 recovery plans
Kristine Belesova, David Heymann and Andy Haines

Can healthcare adapt to a world of tightening ecological constraints? Challenges on the road to a post-growth future
Martin Hensher and Katharine Zywert


We need health warning labels on points of sale of fossil fuels
Mike Gill, Kristie Ebi, Kirk Smith and colleagues

How should scientific academies respond to the planetary health crisis?
Cami Moss and Francesca Harris

Coronavirus is the vital wake up call for the bigger challenge, climate change
Shivali Fulchand

The BMJ peer reviewed, edited, and made the decision to publish these articles. Andy Haines and Pauline Scheelbeek were the guest editors for this special series of articles. Kamran Abbasi was the lead editor for The BMJ.

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