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Subscription pricing

Customers based in the USA must pay in US Dollars. Customers based in the Eurozone, whose currency is the Euro, must pay in Euros. Payments by customers outside the USA and the Eurozone must be in Sterling.

The BMJ: personal subscriptions

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The BMJ: institutional subscriptions

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VAT information

Personal; institutional online only subscriptions
All subscribers to the online only journal in the UK must add 20% to the quoted rate. Subscribers in other EU countries (who are not registered for VAT) must add VAT at the rate appropriate for their country – see this list.

Institutional print only and Personal print subscriptions (personal includes online at no extra cost)

VAT must be added to the quoted price for: Belgium 6%, Ireland 13.5%, France 20%, Germany 7%, Sweden 6%, Netherlands 6%, unless a VAT registration number can be provided. UK and all other EC countries have no VAT charge on the PRINT only product.

For institutional print pricing please contact the customer service team