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Chapter 13. Further reading

More chapters in Epidemiology for the uninitiated

Armitage P, Berry G. Statistical Methods in Medical Research . Oxford: Blackwell, 1994. A full and explicit reference work on statistics.

Barker D J P, Hall A J. Practical Epidemiology . Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 1991. A short practical manual of epidemiology for use in developing countries.

Coggon D. Statistics in Clinical Practice . London: BMJ Publishing Group, 1995. A guide to the interpretation of medical statistics for non-mathematicians.

Gardner M J, Altman D G. Statistics with Confidence . London: British Medical Journal, 1989. A clearly written, short introduction to statistical methods.

Pocock S J. Clinical Trials: a Practical Approach . Chichester: Wiley, 1996. A detailed guide to clinical trials.

Rothman K J. Modern Epidemiology. Boston: Little, Brown, 1986. The most rigorous exposition of epidemiological concepts and principles.

Swinscow T D V. Statistics at Square One. London: revised by Campbell M J. BMJ Publishing Group, 1996. Medical statistics made as simple as possible.


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