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Jeanne Lenzer

Jeanne Lenzer is associate editor at The BMJ, an independent journalist and a former senior clinical policy analyst for The Institute of Family Health, New York. In these capacities and as an occasional medical editor, she has been paid by many outlets, such as The BMJ, New York Times Magazine, Discover, The Atlantic, The New Republic, Mother Jones, The American Prospect, USA Today, Newsweek Japan, The Independent on Sunday, Slate, Huffington Post, American College of Emergency Physicians’ ACEP News, Harvard’s InteliHealth, and John Snow, Inc. She has received speaker’s fees and travel expenses from academic and professional physician groups and journalism groups. She does not accept pay or gratuities from drug or device makers, health insurance companies, or attorneys. Over a decade ago, she was paid by the New York State Office of Professions for case reviews related to physician assistant practice and once by an attorney to review a PA’s duty of care related to a lawsuit. She does not have any known investments in pharma or device makers, or insurers, but does have a small retirement fund through TIAA-CREF, a fund for academics and teachers.