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Trish Groves

Between joining The BMJ as its first editorial registrar (intern) in 1989 and leaving in 2018 Trish Groves (MBBS, MRCPsych) was a deputy editor and head of research on The BMJ, editor in chief of BMJ Open, director of academic outreach for BMJ, and editorial lead for elearning programme BMJ Research to Publication. She is now an associate editor for The BMJ.

While at BMJ Trish played a part in many groups including the International Peer Review Expert Panel for CIHR (the Canadian Institutes of Health Research), COPE (the Committee on Publication Ethics), the EQUATOR Network, AllTrials, the CORBEL-ECRIN group on clinical trial data sharing, and the International Peer Review Congress. She helped to develop many research reporting guidelines including the CONSORT 2010 Statement on randomised controlled trials. And she taught as guest faculty on postgraduate courses for Oxford University, The MRC (UK Medical Research Council), and Nova University in Lisbon.

Trish was first author of the HarperCollins Consumer’s Guide to Mental Health (1996), a contributor to BBC Radio 4's Inside Health, writer and contributor of programmes for BBC World Service Radio, and copresenter of TVam’s DocSpot.

She studied medicine at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London, then specialised in psychiatry, gaining MRCPsych in 1989. She was briefly an honorary research fellow at the School for Public Policy, UCL.

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Competing interests

Trish is a freelance editorial consultant focusing on making health research from anywhere in the world useful, usable, and reusable.