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Theodora Bloom

Theodora Bloom has been executive editor of The BMJ since June 2014.

She has a PhD in developmental cell biology from the University of Cambridge and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School, researching cell-cycle regulation. She moved into publishing as an editor on the biology team at Nature, and in 1992 joined the fledgling journal Current Biology. After a number of years helping to develop Current Biology and its siblings Structure and Chemistry & Biology, Theo joined the beginnings of the open access movement. As the founding editor of Genome Biology she was closely involved in the birth of the commercial open access publisher BioMed Central, where she remained for several years, ultimately as editorial director for biology. After a spell as a freelance publishing consultant working with a variety of clients, she joined the non-profit open access publisher Public Library of Science (PLOS) in 2008, first as chief editor of PLOS Biology and later as biology editorial director with additional responsibility for PLOS Computational Biology and PLOS Genetics. She also took the lead for PLOS on issues around data access and availability. She chairs the scientific advisory board of EMBL-EBI Literature Services ( At The BMJ her responsibilities include ethical and policy matters, and dealing with complaints.

Competing interests

I declare that that I have read and understood the BMJ Group policy on declarations of interest. I hereby declare the following interests, according to the policy.

© I have the following interests to declare:

I have had travel and accommodation expenses paid for by the organisations on whose boards I serve. I received travel and accommodation costs from ICSU World Data System to attend and speak about research data sharing at their conference SciDataCon 2014 in New Delhi, India, in November 2014.


Unpaid positions (current)
I chair the scientific advisory board of EMBL-EBI Literature Services (

Unpaid positions (recent)
From 1998-2016 I was on the Board of NAM Publications (
From 2011-2017 I was on the board of Dryad digital repository (
During 2015-2016 I served on the Genome Canada Data Sharing Policies Advisory Committee.