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Tessa Richards

Dr Tessa Richards is a senior editor at The BMJ and developed and led the BMJs patient partnership strategy from 2013 -2018. She is now responsible for spreading it across The BMJ company including its portfolio of over 70 journals. She trained and worked as a general physician, rheumatologist and a general practitioner before joining The BMJ. Here she has led the journals General Practice, Education and Analysis sections, established the Overdiagnosis/Too Much Medicine series , and one on High Integrity Health, in addition to continuing part time clinical work. She is a member of the Royal College of Physicians, and writes and speaks regularly on the importance and potential of patient partnership . Among the many theme issues and series she has edited two have focused exclusively on "Partnering with Patients," and patient/person centred care. She lives with stage IV cancer and pernicious anaemia, and is a carer for close family members , young and old, with rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, blindness and other long term conditions. (Twitter @tessajlrichards)

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I have undergone treatment ( and am followed up) for stage IV adrenal cancer and live with autoimmune conditions. I am also a carer of family members with long term conditions.



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