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Richard Hurley

Richard Hurley

I’m features and debates editor at The BMJ, and my current responsibilities include commissioning and editing our Head to Head debates; opinion pieces such as Personal Views and columns, including GP Margaret McCartney’s weekly offering; journalistic Medicine and the Media features; and journalistic features and opinion pieces for our India channel, aimed at doctors in the subcontinent (

I’ve been with The BMJ since 2002. For several years I worked as a technical editor on all sections of The BMJ, but particularly subbing news, comment, and features, and I was managing editor of The Student BMJ, providing continuity and training each student editor, who held the post for a year.

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I studied natural sciences at Cambridge, culminating in a masters degree in physics. I cut my editing teeth on the journal Materials Science and Technology at the Institute of Materials in London and went on to manage the production of engineering and information technology texts as a technical editor at the British Standards Institution. I was a member of the publications committee of the European Association of Science Editors from 2006 to 2010.

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I have very occasionally received modest travel and accommodation expenses only for speaking at a conference for academics or journalists.

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