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Rachael Hinton

Rachael is an Associate Editor for The BMJ, handling papers for specific Collections. She has a Masters in Social Sciences (Social Anthropology) and a PhD in International Health. Rachael was a researcher for over ten years in Papua New Guinea, focusing on women's health, peacebuilding and conflict reduction, and then in Australia with the Aboriginal and Islander Mental health initiative. Rachael has also worked extensively within global health organizations, including the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health and the World Health Organization, on technical, policy and advocacy-related publications. Rachael works for The BMJ as a freelance editor.

Competing interests

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Personal financial interests

As a freelancer editor, Rachael does paid writing and editorial consultancy work for other organisations, including the UN, academic institutions, and foundations. She does not work for any for-profit companies which may have an interest in the product(s) being evaluated or described in submitted papers (e.g. pharmaceutical companies, device companies etc).

Organisational financial interests

In 2019 Rachael established a writing and editing business to support her consultancy work.

Non-financial interests

Unpaid positions (recent)

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