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Emma Doble

Emma Doble joined the BMJ in 2018 and is the patient editor for education. Since 2020 she has also led on the Patient and Public Partnership Strategy. Her work includes managing the ‘What your patient is thinking’ series, developing patient partnership in BMJ events and driving patient partnership in our BMJ cross journals.

At the age of 4, Emma was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which she struggled to manage growing up. She set up and developed a number of projects to initiate peer support for young people with type 1 to help others manage and cope with their condition. Her interest in patient partnership began when she began working with her local diabetes team to review, and redesign, the diabetes service whilst completing her MSc in Health Psychology.

Emma also works with Cochrane UK as a patient coordinator focusing on encouraging wider connections between the organisation and patients. She has also worked with many other organisations on patient partnership including JDRF, Diabetes Scotland and the Scottish Government.

Competing interests
I declare that I have read and understood the BMJ Group policy on declarations of interest. I hereby declare the following interests, according to the policy.

I have the following interests to declare:

I am a patient living with Type 1 diabetes.

I have a paid freelance position as a Public Engagement Coordinator at Cochrane UK.

Unpaid positions
I am an unpaid member of the International Programme Advisory Committee for the International Forum in Quality and Safety in Healthcare.