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Amy Price

Amy Price is a Patient Editor for Research and Evaluation at The BMJ. Her educational affiliation is the University of Oxford. Amy’s background in international relief work, clinical neurocognitive rehabilitation, service on the boards of multiple patient organisations, and as a trauma survivor has equipped her with the flexible mindset to relate to all stakeholders and cultures. Amy’s experience and training has shown her that shared knowledge, interdisciplinary collaboration, and evidence based research can shape the future. Her goal is to mentor others to build clear channels to propel evidence into practice by supplying the public, and those in low resource areas, with tools to make evidence based healthcare choices.

Competing interests

I declare that that I have read and understood the BMJ Group policy on declarations of interest. I hereby declare the following interests, according to the policy.
© I have the following interests to declare:

I have received payment for teaching research methods, critical appraisal skills and evidence based healthcare as a guest lecturer in the USA. I am paid for brain injury and mental health consulting in the USA, Canada and the UK on a per project basis. Fom 2013-present I was granted Bursaries for conference expenses and research from The University of Oxford, Kellogg College and in the past from TedMed (Research Scholar), Eye for Pharma (patient advocate and academic), MedCity (student Bursary) FORCE 11(Student Bursary for Poster presentation) Horizon 2020- ECAN/ECRIN (Conference presentation) Empower 2 Go Non Profit, (consulting reimbursement)

All research papers that I submit to The BMJ undergo assessment and peer review by our external advisers. No members of The BMJ's staff are involved in the decision making on these papers and this is stated in the competing interests section of the papers. When I submit papers for
publication about the publishing process and peer review to other journals, I
declare that I am a Research Fellow and Patient Editor for The BMJ.

I regularly collaborate with external researchers at various universities who may have received research grants. I hold no current grants.

Unpaid positions (current)
Founding member Healthcare GPS
Stanford Medicinex, Emerging Leaders Program
Health Professional Advisory Board for EBSCO Health™ Option Grid™
Tabula Rasa and UDHC Advisor
TedMed Research Frontline Scholar
Mendeley Advisor
Right Care Alliance, Science and Evidence Council
Bodleian Libraries, Student Advisory Group, University of Oxford
TRIP Database, Advisor
Wikipedia Medicine editor
Student Representative Cont-Ed Programme Oxford