Intended for healthcare professionals

About The BMJ app

The new app from The BMJ works on both mobile and tablet, and is free to use for BMA members and individual subscribers to The BMJ.

Available from:

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iOS app store
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What's included
• Weekly issues of The BMJ back to 2017, including latest research, 'state of the art' and other clinical reviews, practice articles, news, features, analysis, and comment (editorials, personal views, etc)
• Embedded video
• Offline reading
• Free to BMA members and individual subscribers
• Option to subscribe within the app if you don't want a full subscription to

The BMJ tablet app (no longer available to download)
The tablet app is no longer available for download, but the new app works on both mobile and tablet.

The BMJ app FAQ

Do you still have to pay if you’re a BMA member, or already have a print and/or online subscription?
No. Access to the app is part of your individual subscription. Individual subscribers should use their BMJ MyAccount username and password to login, and BMA members should use their BMA member username and password to login.

Do institutional subscribers get access to the app?
No. Access to content within the app is not currently available to institutional subscribers.

What does a monthly in-app subscription entitle me to?
It entitles you to access all content within the app, which goes back to 2017.

How can I give my feedback?
If you have any further questions or comments, please email

Can I still access the old app?
Whilst it is no longer available to download for new users, you can retain the app on your device. We will stop updating this app at the end of September 2018, and will stop supporting it past October 2018. This means that if there is an Android update or iOS update that causes the app to break, we will not fix it.

What happens to my auto-renew subscription on the old app?
We will continue to honour these auto-renew subscriptions for 1 month, but will then cancel the subscriptions so that you are no longer charged. You will need to download the new app, and purchase a new subscription (where the first month is free).


BMA Members or individual subscribers unable to view/download issues
If you are BMA Member, correctly signed in via the in-app login, but still unable to view/download the latest issues, please follow these steps:

• Check that you running the latest iOS (operating system for your device)?
• Ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the App from iTunes.
• Delete the App and re-install (you may have to re-download some issues if they are missing).

Please contact support ( if you are still unable to download issues

Purchases via the App Store—unable to view /download issues
If you are not a BMA member but someone who has bought issues via the app store or Google Play, please follow the same steps as above, excluding the in-app login, and then click the 'restore purchases' button on the login screen.

Advertising opportunities

The BMJ app will have advertising positions available. If you want to find out more please contact:

Marc Clifford
T: +44 020 3655 5610