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Matthias Wienold

Matthias Wienold (MD, MPH) is a physician from Germany who engages in patient orientation and patients rights. He has been a patient activist since 1986, when he joined a local AIDS service organisation as a volunteer. He is a founding member of the European AIDS Treatment Group. He has represented patients' interests in a wide range of settings and forums. He was elected to the governing board of the International Alliance of Patients' Organizations in 2015.
In his professional career, he trained as a dermatologist and worked as a private practising physician and in emergency care. He wrote his masters thesis in public health on "Community Participation in Clinical Research (HIV)" in 1996. He has been employed by non-governmental organisations to lead health
politics and medical education of lay audiences and has worked for state and national governments as a staff officer and health systems researcher. He was self employed as a consultant and independent researcher in patient orientation and community empowerment (1998-2005).

As a publisher and research author, he has edited the European AIDS Treatment News, was a coauthor of the first AIDS dictionary, and contributed to magazines, position papers, and books. His original publications focus on the patients' perspectives in access to care and prevention. He writes blogs for The BMJ and the European AIDS Treatment Group.

Since 2009 he has been employed as a consulting physician and educated peer messenger by Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Brandenburg (the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians represents the interests of doctors and psychotherapists in private practice in Brandenburg, who are registered to treat people who have statutory health insurance. It negotiates and administers the physicians, medication and physiotherapists’ budgets, serves as a legal warrant of ambulatory care services, executes quality control and supervision, and develops innovative projects). From 2015-17, he was board treasurer of the International Alliance of Patients' Organizations (IAPO).

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