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Charlotte Augst

Charlotte came to London in 1997 to pursue postgraduate studies, after completing a law degree in Germany. She completed a social science Masters, and a PhD (in law and medical ethics) at the University of London. Since then, she has engaged in health, care, and research policy making—in Parliament (for the Chair of the Science and Technology Select Committee), for national regulators (HFEA and GPhC), and in the voluntary and community sector.

For the past 10 years, she has led work in collaborations and coalitions (Richmond Group of Charities, National Voices), building networks and connecting decision makers with experts by profession or experience. She stepped down as the CEO of National Voices in 2023, after three and a half years of growing membership, voice and, impact, and is for now pursuing a portfolio career. She regularly writes for HSJ, The BMJ, and other media outlets, and speaks at conferences and workshops. Charlotte lost her husband David to cancer and lives with her two teenage children in South London.

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