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Anya de Iongh

Anya de Iongh lives and works in Dorset in a variety of roles supporting person-centred approaches to healthcare, focusing on self-management support for people with long term health conditions and patient and public involvement and patient leadership.

Her own health and subsequent diagnosis of several long term health conditions mean she stopped her studies at Cambridge University Medical School after just over 3 years.

Her work to date has covered commissioning, research, service delivery, education and training. She has chaired a strategic patient and public involvement group for a CCG-led transformation programme, guest lectured at medical schools, supported and reviewed research proposals, and delivered self-management coaching for people with long-term conditions working for a local service. She has worked nationally on education and training for person-centred approaches and has been a keynote speaker at a number of high profile events. She is currently working in service improvement locally, and continuing to support other programmes of work.

Her work has been recognised through listings on the 2015 HSJ 25 Rising Star and 2015 HSJ 50 Patient Leader lists. She is active on Twitter (@anyadei) and with her personal blog (

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