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The BMJ’s NIHR Signals series

The BMJ is partnering with the NIHR Dissemination centre to bring readers a selection of NIHR Signals. These articles provide decision makers in the NHS, public health and social care with summaries of the latest important research from the NIHR. You can read more about The BMJ and NIHR signals collaboration here. All authors of NIHR signals adhere to The BMJ’s enhanced criteria for conflicts of interest for education article authors.

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Editorial group

Tara Lamont – Director
Tara was appointed Director from October 2018, having helped to set up the Centre as Deputy Director over the last four years. Tara has worked for over twenty years in health services research, audit and patient safety. She acted as scientific adviser to an NIHR research programme focused on health services delivery and set up a new national patient safety function to deliver evidence on clinical risks to practitioners. She is an editor for the NIHR Journals Library, member of the HSRUK Board and writes widely in a personal capacity on health services research topics, including recent BMJ Group blogs.

Rob Cook – Deputy Director, Bazian
Rob has over 20 years’ experience in evidence based medicine and guideline development. Rob worked first in General practice and then as medical director for the New Zealand Guidelines Group, where he managed the development of cardiovascular guidelines. As Clinical Director for EIU Healthcare he now advises on the use of global evidence in improving health outcomes and quality of care for clinical and policy decision makers. As a past member of NIHR Topic Identification panels he helped identify important research gaps in prevention, primary care, mental health and cognitive/psychological research for the NHS.

Rosie Martin – Clinical Specialist, Bazian
Rosie gained a degree in medicine from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and then specialised in psychiatry, working in adult and old-age mental health services, acute crisis teams and psychiatric intensive care units in the UK and New Zealand. For the past 10 years she has held positions in evidence based medicine overseeing and writing reports on a wide range of clinical topics. Clients include European and Asian governments and charitable foundations, NICE, the Royal College of Nursing, Solutions for Public Health, NHS England, BUPA, the Rugby Football Union and the European Food Information Council.

Rachel Taft – Clinical Specialist, Bazian
Rachel holds a degree of medicine from the University of Wales College of Medicine and has 13 years’ experience in the production of a wide range of evidence-based projects, both as primary author and providing clinical oversight. She has extensive experience in the communication of scientific and medical research to the public and healthcare commissioners. This includes providing weekly critique of health-related news for NHS Behind the Headlines service since its inception in 2007, and being the lead for evidence reviews produced for the UK National Screening Committee. Additional clients include NHS England, NICE, BUPA, the European Centre for Disease Control, National Health and Medical Research Council, and the European Food Information Council. Before joining Bazian she gained experience in general medicine, care of the elderly, general practice and public health.

Janet Clapton – Operational Manager, Bazian
Janet worked as an NHS Biomedical Scientist for 14 years before changing to an 18-year career in library and information science. Her previous programmes include NICE Evidence Updates, which assess evidence with potential to update NICE guidelines. She specialises in gathering and managing evidence, project management and editorial processes.

Vaughan Thomas – Clinical Adviser
Vaughan is a senior clinician who has worked in anaesthesia, intensive care and paediatrics in Britain, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and Sweden. He currently runs a hospital children’s pain control service and has a particular interest in patient safety and the critical analysis of adverse incidents. He has a longstanding interest in the application of evidence to clinical practice and education and has acted as an adviser to the NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme for the last six years.

Elaine Maxwell – Clinical Adviser
Elaine is a registered nurse who has worked in a variety of clinical roles and as an Executive Nurse Director in the NHS, before moving into academic roles and continuing her contact with the NHS as a Non-Executive Director in an NHS Foundation Trust. She has a particular interest in workforce issues and quality improvement.

Duncan Fortescue-Webb – Clinical Adviser
Duncan Fortescue-Webb is a public health specialty registrar in Wessex, working with the National Institute for Health Research to commission and disseminate research.