RSS feeds

A RSS feed is a computer-readable file that summarises the information published on a web site. BMJ feeds provide headlines, abstracts (where available) and links to new articles.

You can view RSS feeds by installing software called an 'RSS reader', 'feed reader' or 'news reader' or by using a web-based feed reader such as Bloglines, FeedZilla or My Yahoo!. If you run your own website, you can display the latest articles from this journal on your own site using our RSS feeds.

The full list of BMJ Journals RSS feeds is available as an OPML file which can be used to bulk import our RSS feed data into an RSS reader.

The following RSS feeds are available:

Current issue

RSS Current issue

Section feeds

RSS Latest research

RSS Latest education

RSS Latest news

RSS Latest comment

RSS Latest podcasts

BMJ Group Speciality Portals feeds

RSS Cardiology

RSS Diabetes

RSS Gastroenterology

RSS Infectious diseases

RSS Multiple sclerosis

RSS Neurology

RSS Oncology

RSS Respiratory medicine

RSS Rheumatology

RSS Surgery

RSS Stroke