Re: Managing infants who cry excessively in the first few months of life

17 December 2011

Although both the original article, by Douglas and Hill, and the editorial made for interesting reading I found their lack of information on one subject very difficult.

Functional lactose overload is frequently referred to as an alternative title for lactase insufficiency, a pathology many paediatricians are at least aware of. That title is thought to describe a problem with the digestion and absorption of the breast milk. The article describes a problem with the constituents of the breast milk, something that is not widely taught.

If that is to be generally accepted as true I would suggest more education is needed. Just saying it exists and the suggesting all such patients are referred to an "international board certified lactation consultant" is not suitable for an article that is "aimed at paediatricians".

Why keep the treatment (if there is one), or the advice, from us?

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David A Wright, Consultant paediatrician

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