Anna Donald

A summer party at Anna Donald's

12 February 2009

I am still shocked by Anna's death, and still possessed with the sense of eeriness that I had when I first started to read her blog, and when I re- read some of it a couple of days ago. Richard Smith's and Muir Gray's obituary was wonderful, and painted the Anna we all remember and would want to remember.

I first met Anna after she had won the Rhodes Scholarship for New South Wales for 1989 - my wife and I attended a farewell dinner in her honour. We were very taken by this young and vibrant woman who had already done so much, and who was about to depart for Oxford on what is often a life- changing experience. Somehow we knew that she would achieve great things, and also have a lot of fun.

Unexpectedly we soon found ourselves living in London for a few years. We still have this memory of being invited by Anna to an afternoon party on an amazing summer's day in 1990 or 1991. We drove up the M40 to her place - I think it was in Norham Gardens or nearby. All manner of people drifted in and out of the party. As everyone would expect, she made us really welcome including our baby boy. Marvellous summer days in the UK are like rare jewels to be remembered, but it was the whole day that was wonderful, and it was because of Anna.

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Competing interests: None declared

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