Iraq's hospitals struggle to provide a service

A call on the BMA and the BMJ

21 May 2003

We call on the BMA and the BMJ to oppose the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

The BMA and the BMJ cannot be neutral and should deplore the massive loss of life and civilian casualties. The BMA should do everything in its power to assist the medical profession in Iraq and help to improve the medical situation there.

The oil ministry was guarded while the hospitals were looted. Many weeks after the US and British forces took over towns, they were without water supplies and electricity, endangering the health of their populations.

Amnesty, Medecins sans Frontieres and the World Health Organisation, all testify to the contempt for human life displayed by the occupiers, who left the hospitals bursting with injured Iraqis and very little means for caring for them. People are still suffering and dying.

We call on the BMA to make contact, via Amnesty and WHO, with the Iraqi Medical Association in Baghdad and doctors in major hospitals, to ascertain how we can help our Iraqi colleagues.

We must act now to support Iraqi doctors and lessen the humanitarian disaster caused by the war.

Yours sincerely,

Mahir S. Mahir Consultant Surgeon

Anna Athow Consultant Surgeon

Angela Gorman Consultant Haematologist

Mahes de Silva Consultant, National Blood Service

Rose Green Consultant Physician

Hadeel Hameed-Nasrat General Practitioner

Iqbal Singh Professor of Medicine

Jean F Harrison Consultant, National Blood Service

Maadh Aldouri Consultant Haematologist

Wael Ismail Consultant Surgeon

Mohammad Alhejazi Consultant Surgeon

Bushra Al-Rubeyi Consultant Paediatrician

Hisham Al-Qassab Consultant Physician

Ayman S Jundi Consultant in A&E Medicine

Anwar Alsafar Consultant Oncologist

Ameir Al-Mukhtar Consultant Surgeon

Aimen Hassani Consultant Anaesthetist

Naseer Abdusamad General Practitioner

Muttib Ali Al-Temimi Consultant Paediatrician

Talib Al-Mishlab Consultant Surgeon

Faiza Hassan Consultant Psychiatrist

Aza Abdullah Consultant Physician

Ali Al Hassani Consultant Radiologist

Mustafa El-Zebdeh Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Ali Latif Consultant Physician

Ismail Jalili Consultant Ophthalmologist

Amir Al-Samarrai Consultant Oncologist

Mohammad Al Jasari Consultant Histopathologist

Riadh Al-Himmani Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgeon {retired)

Ahmed Hegale, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Tushar V Gosh General Practitioner

Munir Adam General Practitioner

Ayad Khalil Consultant Anaesthetist

Elsayed Soliman Consultant Physician

Shakir Alani Consultnat Neurophysiologist

Dhafir Alokati Consultant Pathologist

Motez Al-Izzi Consultant Pathologist

Salaheddin Salim Consultant ENT Surgeon

Foad Alani Associate Specialist in Medicine

AN Abbasi Consultant Oncologist

Maysoon Aldoori Consultant Paediatrician

Gamal Siam Associate Specialist in Surgery

Mary Inskip Associate Specialist, National Blood Services

Jamal Uraiby Consultant Pathologist

Muhayman Jamil Associate Specialist Palliative Medicine

Ali Hassan Associate Specialist in Orthopaedics

Maha Kamal Clinical Assistant in Haematology

Thamir Ally SCMO in Psychiatry

Bara Al-Rawi SpR Orthopaedics

Raya Al-Talib Staff Grade Anaesthetist

A Karim Associate Specialist in Dermatology

K. Jaffar Psychiatrist

M. Abdulla Rheumatologist

Nada Ayub Paediatrician

Maisoon Said GP Registrar

Ali Al-Batran SHO ENT

Ghada Al-Batran SHO in Obstetrics

H Hadi Al-Musawi SHO in Medicine

Abdulazim Saffaf Associate Specialist, Community Paediatrics

Basma Al-Kamil SHO in Psychiatry

Amr Farouk Mohamed Salem SHO in ENT

Ahmed M Shihadah Staff Grade Doctor in Medicine

Kassim Alkaisy General Practitioner

Khalid Jaffar Staff Grade in Psychiatry

Maha Hamdan General Practitioner

Muhammad Abbas General Practitioner

Belsam Karim General Practitioner

Sarmid Abdul Karim Al-Kamil General Practitioner

Abdullah Al-Nowfal Senior Clinical Fellow in Surgery

MK Hammad Staff Grade in GU Medicine

A Zurgani Staff Grade in Orthopaedics

Khaled Awad Staff Grade in Orthopaedics

Saad Al-Dujailly Urologist

Sohail Chosky SpR in General Surgery

S Swedan General Practitioner H Swedan General Practitioner

A Ibrahim General Practitioner

Sonia Khandil Associate Specialist, Obs & Gyn

Ahmed Helmy Clinical Research Fellow in Endocrinology

Amjid Azeb Staff grade in A/E

Ayad Salmons SHO

Delshad Alsheikh Staff grade A/E

Thamir AlSaidy General Practitioner

Ahmad Khalil Staff Grade Anaesthesia

Rifaat AboLayeh Associate specialist Obs And Gynae

Talal Bazaara Associate Specialist medicine elderly

Ghiath Alsaigh Staff grade A/E

Safa Kaftan Staff grade A/E

Competing interests:   None declared

Competing interests: None declared

Mahir S. Mahir, Consultant Surgeon

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