Woman at centre of Southall case faces prison sentence

The "Think Dirty" Saga

30 March 2002

The “think dirty” Saga

Editor, Penny Mellor has my sympathy and understanding in her campaign against the “think dirty” notion currently infecting the medical profession. Regrettably the legal profession seems to have caught the infection too.

I declare I have a conflict of Interest. My daughter-in-law was obliged to take her 4 yr old to hospital for a injured finger which was found to be fractured. Three weeks later the same child fractured her radius but this time the mother’s reception was different. She felt she was being interrogated on suspicion of child abuse.

When her 2 yr old was knocked over by an elder brother riding his toy motor bike a few weeks later she decided to attend to his bruises and injuries herself. Taking him to hospital was much too risky!

Even the rough and tumble of healthy family life can have tragic consequences if both the legal and medical professions conspire to “think dirty”. It is time to take another look at MSBP.

Michael Innis

Competing interests: None declared

Michael D Innis, Director Medisets International


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