Bariatric surgery, neuromuscular blocking agents, and calcium in primary parahyperthyroidism

Bariatric surgery is under scrutiny from NCEPOD, the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death, Ian Martin, NCEPOD's clinical co-ordinator for surgery, takes us through the highlights of its latest report. Also this week, Julie Paik, instructor and physician at Harvard Medical School, tells us about a new risk factor for primary hyperparathyroidism. And finally, some neuromuscular agents may lead to respiratory complications after surgery. Matthias Eikermann, director of research in the surgical intensive care unit at Massachusetts General Hospital, explains how they investigated this vexed problem.

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Audio chapters:

Bariatric surgery: 0:42

Calcium in primary hyperparathyroidism: 9:2

Neuromuscular blocking agents in surgery: 17:27