Effectiveness and economic evaluation of a nurse delivered home exercise programme to prevent falls. 2: Controlled trial in multiple centres

M Clare Robertson, Melinda M Gardner, Nancy Devlin, Rob McGee, A John Campbell
Table 3

Cost effectiveness ratios and sensitivity analysis: incremental cost of exercise programme per fall event prevented in exercise centres compared with control centres

Cost scenario$NZ
Cost per fall prevented:
  Total cost of programme1519
  125th centile total cost of programme1899
  75th centile total cost of programme1139
  Training, supervision in same centre1426
  125th centile cost of home visits1757
  × 4 ankle cuff weights1856
  No extra overhead costs1247
Adjusted cost per fall prevented*:
  Total cost of programme1734
  125th centile total cost of programme2167
  75th centile total cost of programme1300
  Training, supervision in same centre1627
  125th centile cost of home visits2005
  × 4 ankle cuff weights2117
  No extra overhead costs1423
Cost per injurious fall prevented:
  Total cost of programme3404
  125th centile total cost of programme4255
  75th centile total cost of programme2553
  Training, supervision in same centre3196
  125th centile cost of home visits3937
  × 4 ankle cuff weights4158
  No extra overhead costs2794
Adjusted cost per injurious fall prevented*:
  Total cost of programme3846
  125th centile total cost of programme4808
  75th centile total cost of programme2885
  Training, supervision in same centre3611
  125th centile cost of home visits4448
  × 4 ankle cuff weights4698
  No extra overhead costs3157
  • Average exchange rate in 1998, $NZ1.00=32p.

  • * Calculated using fall events per 100 person years to adjust for variable follow up times for individuals in trial.