Table 1

 Characteristics of 19 Massachusetts communities* with high opioid overdose burden. Values are percentages unless stated otherwise

CharacteristicsCommunities (n=19)
2005 population, total2 055 086
 Mean108 162
 Median87 392
 Range30 236-609 690
Age <18 years22.4
Race or ethnicity:
 White, non-Hispanic63.9
 Black, non-Hispanic11.9
 Other, non-Hispanic10.1
Below poverty level16.4
Treatment events per 100 000 people, 2009:
 Inpatient detoxification630.0
 Methadone maintenance 161.8
 Stated funded buprenorphine maintenance41.5
Opioid prescriptions to doctor shoppers†10.9

*Geographically distinct cities and towns.

†Schedule II opioid prescriptions dispensed to doctor shoppers (individuals with schedule II opioid prescriptions from ≥4 prescribers and filled prescriptions at ≥4 pharmacies in 12 month period) per total opioid prescriptions dispensed.