Table 1

 Baseline characteristics of study patients. Values are numbers (percentages) unless stated otherwise

CharacteristicsFull analysis setAs treated groups
Early ACL reconstruction
Delayed optional ACL reconstruction
P valueEarly ACL reconstruction
Delayed ACL reconstruction
Rehabilitation alone
P value
Mean (SD) age (years)26.4 (5.1)25.8 (4.7)0.4726.6 (5.1)25.2 (4.5)26.4 (4.9)0.47
Female sex12 (20)20 (34)0.0812 (20)11 (37)9 (31)0.23
Mean (SD) body mass index24.5 (3.1)23.8 (2.6)0.2224.5 (3.2)23.3 (2.0)24.3 (3.1)0.25
Increased anteroposterior laxity60 (98)*58 (98)†0.9858 (98)*29 (97)†29 (100)0.61
Median (interquartile range) Tegner activity scale9 (7-9)9 (7-9)0.829 (7-9)8.5 (7-9)9 (7-9)0.91

ACL=anterior cruciate ligament.

A comprehensive description of baseline characteristics for all included patients has been published.7

*In one knee, anteroposterior laxity could not be assessed owing to pain; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and arthroscopy confirmed total ACL rupture.

†In one knee, anteroposterior laxity was found to be normal at baseline, but MRI and arthroscopy confirmed total ACL rupture.