Table 1

 Characteristics of included studies

StudiesCountryNoScreening instrumentParticipant age (years, range)ComparisonDuration (weeks)Follow-up (weeks)
Addington 201125Canada51Structured interview for prodromal symptoms20.9 (NR)CBT v supportive counselling2652 and 78
Amminger 201014, 26Austria81PANSS16.4 (NR)Omega 3 fatty acids (1200 mg/day) v placebo1252
Bechdolf 201237, 39Germany128ERIraos25.8 (NR)Integrated therapies v supportive counselling52104
McGlashan 200327, 54-56US60Structured interview for prodromal symptoms17.8 (12-36)Olanzapine (8 mg/day) v placebo52104
McGorry 200230, 57Australia59BPRS20 (14-28)Risperidone (1.3 mg/day) and CBT v supportive counselling26156-208
Morrison 200423, 58, 59Great Britain60PANSS22 (16-36)CBT and supportive counselling v supportive counselling52156
Morrison 201128, 52Great Britain288CAARMS20.7 (14-34)CBT and supportive counselling v supportive counselling26104
Nordentoft 200635Denmark79ICD-1024.9 (NR)Integrated therapies v standard treatment104NA
Phillips 200924, 60Australia115CAARMS17.9 (NR)Risperidone (2 mg/day) and CBT v CBT and placebo v supportive counselling and placebo52104
Ruhrmann 200738Germany124Early Recognition Inventory (ERIraos)25.6 (NR)Amisulpride (118.7 mg/day) and NBI v NBI12NA
Van der Gaag 201229, 61Netherlands201CAARMS22.7 (NR)CBT v supportive counselling2652 and 78

NR=not reported; NBI=needs based intervention.