Table 1

 Mean number of deaths for all cause, cardiovascular, and respiratory mortality in Launceston, Tasmania, 1994-2007

MortalityICD codes*AnnualWinter
All causeICD-9 <800; ICD-10 A00-R99577158
CardiovascularICD-9 390-459; ICD-10 I00-I99 (excl I67.3, I68, I88, I97.8, I97.9, I98), G45 (excl G45.3), G46, M30, M31, R5824368
RespiratoryICD-9 codes 460-519; ICD-10 J00-J99 (excl J95.4-J95.9), R09.1, R09.85417

*ICD (international classification of diseases) coding changed from version 9 to version 10 during study period. We followed mapping of National Casemix and Classification Centre to ensure that extracted codes included same causes of death before and after change in coding.33