Table 2

Annual costs in international dollars ($Int),* infections averted, DALYs averted, and average cost effectiveness for various single interventions to control HIV/AIDS in Sear-D region, compared with no intervention†

InterventionCoverage levelYearly costs ($Int, millions)Yearly infections averted (millions)Average cost effectiveness ratio ($Int/infection averted)Yearly DALYs averted (millions)Average cost effectiveness ratio ($Int/DALY averted)
Mass media100%330.113091.818
Peer education for sex workers50%781.495324.63
Peer education and treatment of sexually transmitted infections for sex workers50%831.824529.93
School based education50%1740.0113 3260.2790
Voluntary counselling and testing95%2070.326425.240
Prevention of mother to child transmissionANC2680.0471910.9310
Treatment of sexually transmitted infectionsCurrent1770.345225.632
Antiretroviral therapy:
No intensive monitoring, first line drugs onlyANC5500.0318 8841.0542
Intensive monitoring, first line drugs onlyANC5880.0321 7881.0570
No intensive monitoring, first and second line drugsANC16710.0356 7181.31319
Intensive monitoring, first and second line drugsANC17740.0355 1881.41280
  • ANC=antenatal care coverage level.

  • * International dollars are a hypothetical unit of currency that has the same purchasing power that the US$ has in the United States at a given point in time. Details of this approach are discussed elsewhere.12

  • † Intervention benefits are not comparable with current epidemiological estimates because results in this analysis are computed in relation to a “no intervention” comparator, which subtracts current levels of condom use, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, and antiretroviral treatment.