Table 1

Characteristics of patients with Clostridium difficile infection and controls. Values are numbers (percentages) unless stated otherwise

CharacteristicsControls (n=270)Cases (n=30)Total (n=300)
Men152 (56)15 (50)167 (57)
Median (interquartile range) age (years)65 (54-78)68 (51-75)65 (54-78)
Ward type:
Medical165 (61)19 (63)184 (61)
Surgical105 (39)11 (37)116 (39)
Diarrhoea on day of detection round*16 (6)30 (100)46 (15)
Clinical characteristics:
No test done and no diarrhoea symptoms†235 (87)0 (0)
No infection, confirmed by negative test result*†35 (13)0 (0)
Infection, confirmed by diarrhoea and positive test result†0 (0)30 (100)
Treatment for >36 hours on day of detection round0 (0)3 (10)

*All controls with diarrhoea on day of detection round underwent diagnostic testing for C difficile infection and are included in group with no infection and confirmed by negative test result.

C difficile toxin enzyme immunoassay and culture done on stool sample in seven days before detection round.