Table 4

 Ordinal regression analyses of secondary outcomes without and with adjustment by protocol specified stratification variables and baseline value

QuantityP for comparison of groups
Unadjusted analysisAdjusted analysisNon-parametric analysis
Self evaluated disease severity0.0010.0006
Hand disinfection at work0.12Lack of model fit
Hand washings at work0.0047Lack of model fit
Moisturisers at work0.20Lack of model fit
Protective gloves at work0.390.65
Protective gloves during wet work0.0480.012
Protective gloves while cookingLack of model fitLack of model fit<0.001
Protective gloves while cleaning0.00650.0098
Hand washings at home0.093Lack of model fit
Moisturisers at homeLack of model fitLack of model fit0.24