Table 3

 Overview of tests used in studies included in analysis

Trial name or location, and year of trial startBlood pressureCholesterolHeight and weightRisk scoreECGBiochemistry panelHistorySpirometryUrine analysesDiabetesClinical examinationVision and/or hearingCancer screening
Göteborg, Sweden 196319YesYesYesNoYesYesCurrent symptoms, personal and family historyNoYesFasting blood sugarYesYesChest x ray
Kaiser Permanente, USA 196526YesYesYesNoYesYesCurrent symptoms, personal and family historyYesYesOral glucose tolerance testYesYesChest x ray, mammography, pelvic exam, sigmoidoscopy
South east London, UK 196714YesProbably*YesNoYesYesCurrent symptoms, personal historyYesNoNoYesYesChest x ray, faecal occult blood
Northumberland, UK 196915Unclear†Unclear†Unclear†Unclear†Unclear†Unclear†Current symptomsUnclear†Unclear†Unclear†Unclear†Unclear†Unclear†
Malmö, Sweden 196920YesYesYesNoYesPacked cell volume, triglycerides, cholesterolInterview and questionnaire, not specifiedYesYesNoYesNoChest x ray
Stockholm, Sweden 196921YesProbably*NoNoYesYesCurrent symptoms, personal historyNoNoNoYesYesNo
Göteborg, Sweden 197022YesYesYesNoYesNoFamily historyNoNoNoNoNoNo
WHO, Europe 197127YesYesYesNoNoNoCurrent symptomsNoNoNoNoNoNo
Salt Lake City, USA 197223YesYesNoNoYesYesNoYesYesBlood glucoseNoYesChest x ray, mammography, cervical smear
Mankato, USA 198224YesYesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
OXCHECK, UK 198916YesYesYesNoNoNoPersonal and family historyNoNoNoNoNoNo
Family heart, UK 199017YesYesYesDundeeNoNoPersonal and family historyNoNoRandom capillary glucoseNoNoNo
Ebeltoft, Denmark 199218YesYesYesAnggaardYesYesNoYesYesNon-fasting blood glucoseNoYesNo
Inter99, Denmark 199925YesYesYesPRECARDYesNoNoYesNoOral glucose tolerance testNoNoNo

Not all screening tests used are shown; see the corresponding Cochrane review for full details.


*The contents of the biochemical screening used were not specified. It seems likely that cholesterol was included.

†The intervention was described as a routine health examination, a full examination, and screening programme in general practice, but not in detail.