Table 1

 Characteristics of studies included in analysis

Trial name or location, and year of trial startGroup size (intervention/ control)*Follow-up (years)Sex, age range (years)Recruited fromHealth checksIncluded in mortality analyses
Performed atLifestyle interventionNo of checksUptake (%)†
Göteborg, Sweden 1963191010/195615Men, 50CommunityHospitalNo385Yes
Kaiser Permanente, USA 1965265138/553616Men and women, 35-54Health plan membersScreening clinicNoN/A‡N/A‡Yes
South east London, UK 1967143292/31329Men and women, 40-64GP listsScreening clinicNo273Yes
Northumberland, UK 196915242/291Men, 50-59GP listsGPNo190No
Malmö, Sweden 196920809/8045Men, 55CommunityUnclear, but not GPNo187Yes
Stockholm, Sweden 1969213064/29 12222Men and women, 18-65CommunityUnclear, but not GPNo184Yes
Göteborg, Sweden 19702210 004/20 01811.8Men, 47-55CommunityUnclear, but not GPYes275Yes
WHO, Europe 19712730 489/26 9715 to 6Men, 40-59WorkplaceWorkplaceYes186Yes
Salt Lake City, USA 197223642/4541Men and women, ≥18CommunityScreening clinicNo160No
Mankato, USA 1982241156/11671Men and women, 25-74CommunityScreening clinicYes150No
OXCHECK, UK 1989168307/27834Men and women, 35-64GP listsGPYes1-3~80Yes
Family heart, UK 1990173436/94881Men and women, 40-59GP listsGPYes173No
Ebeltoft, Denmark 1992182030/14348Men and women, 30-49GP listsGPYes290Yes
Inter99, Denmark 1999256784/3321§Men and women, 30-60CommunityScreening clinicYes2-453No

GP=general practice.

*Groups merged in some trials.

†Uptake at first round.

‡This trial did not have screening rounds but continuous urging of the intervention group by written invitations and telephone calls to use a prepaid health check.

§Sample size of follow-up length for the analysis of self reported health. The trial was larger, with 13 016 participants randomised to health checks and 48 285 to control, followed for 10 years, but full results not yet published.