Table 3

 Number of trials, total sample size and annual global burden of disease for each disease

No of trials*No exclusively examining primary disease Total sample size†Annual global burden of disease in 1000s of DALYs
Leishmaniasis18417923 0392090
Geohelminth infections16013346 8873796
Schistosomiasis14211435 0261702
Leprosy1207714 772198
Lymphatic filariasis737399965777
Onchocerciasis625325 182484
Trachoma542910 4202329
American trypanosomiasis2281772667
Foodborne trematode infections14141306665
Human African trypanosomiasis¶101028401525
Buruli ulcer55337

*Includes both primary disease and its complications.

†Calculated with “units of randomisation” in each trial, including number of clusters in cluster randomised trials and number of randomised units in trials in which unit of randomisation was not individual (for example, skin lesions in leishmaniasis or eyes in trachoma). It slightly underestimates number of individual participants.

‡Sum of individual categories is greater than total number of trials because of trials that examined more than disease.

§Thirteen trials examined post-exposure prophylaxis after appropriate exposure, 32 others were simulated prophylaxis trials

¶Early and late stage Trypanosoma brucei gambiense.