Table 1

 Characteristics of 3132 enrolled patients with acute headache in study of computed tomography for diagnosis of subarachnoid haemorrhage. Figures are numbers (percentage) of patients unless stated otherwise

Characteristics*No of patients (n=3132)
Mean (SD) age (years)45.1 (17.1)
Women1889 (60.3)
Mean (SD) pain severity at peak (0-10) (n=2838)8.7 (1.6)
Worst headache of life (n=3065)2571 (82.1)
Onset during exertion (n=3103)381 (12.2)
Onset during sexual activity (n=3093)216 (6.9)
Transient loss of consciousness (n=3118)192 (6.1)
Awoken from sleep (n=3091)571 (18.2)
Neck painful/stiff by history (n=3094)1142 (36.5)
Vomiting (n=3096)922 (29.4)
Mean (SD) heart rate (BPM) (n=3102)79.4 (15.3)
Mean (SD) blood pressure (mm Hg):
 Systolic (n=3111)143.2 (24.6)
 Diastolic (n=3108)82.1 (13.8)
Neck stiffness on examination (n=2902)180 (5.7)
Arrived by ambulance755 (24.1)

BPM=beats per minute.

*No of patients with data recorded shown when characteristic not recorded for all patients.