Table 1

 Status of 126 passengers in rear section of aircraft, according to pandemic A/H1N1 infection categories. Values are numbers (percentages)

Status*School group (n=24)Other passengers (n=102)
Laboratory confirmed symptomatic case during flight9 (38)0
Suspected symptomatic case during flight1 (4)2 (2)
Immune case2 (8)0
Laboratory confirmed post-flight case†1 (4)2 (2)
Suspected post-flight case†1 (4)0
Non-case†‡10 (42)93 (91)
Unknown status05 (5)

*See methods for definitions.

†Categories that formed cohort of pandemic A/H1N1 susceptible passengers used in subsequent analysis of influenza transmission risk (n=107).

‡Comprised 86 passengers who reported no symptoms of influenza-like illness (fever or feverishness, cough, sore throat, or rhinorrhoea), seven passengers who reported symptoms but who did not meet case definition for influenza-like illness, nine passengers who met case definition but had negative nasopharyngeal swabs, and one student who was asymptomatic and had negative serology but was positive for pandemic A/H1N1 on nasopharyngeal swab.