Table 1

Characteristics of nine subjects who proved not to be allergic to peanuts

Case NoSexAge (years)Age at onset (years)Time since last reactionSpeed of reaction (min)Diagnosis
Negative peanut skin prick test result
6M445-10> 5 Years20Hazel nut allergy
30F17< 0.5> 5 Years30? Outgrown
50M46> 101 Month10? Psychological
52M47> 101 Month2 days? Type IV hypersensitivity
53F315-101-5 Years10Brazil nut allergy
54F34UnknownUnknownUnknownNever eaten
67F23> 101 Month20Intolerant; features of chronic fatigue syndrome
Positive peanut skin prick test result
11M24> 101-5 Years30? Outgrown
34F385-101-5 Years30? Outgrown