Prevalence and characteristics of primary HIV drug resistance in the UK 1994-2000

Estimated year of seroconversionTotal tested (No with drug resistance mutations)Key mutations associated with drug resistance for each patient identifiedDrugs for which mutations compromise efficacy
19941 (0)
19955 (0)
199615 (0)
19973 (1)RT: M41L, T215LZidovudine
199810 (1)RT: M41L, T215YZidovudine
19999 (1)RT: M41LZidovudine
200026 (7)RT: K219QZidovudine
RT: T69NDidanosine, zalcitabine
RT: Y181CNevirapine, efavirenz
RT: M41L, V108I, T215D*Zidovudine, efavirenz, nevirapine
RT: M41L, K103N, Y188L, T215YZidovudine, efavirenz, nevirapine
PR: L90MSaquinavir, nelfinavir
RT: T215D*Zidovudine
  • RT=reverse transcriptase; PR=protease; C=cysteine; D=aspartic acid; I=isoleucine; K=lysine; L=leucine; M=methionine; N=asparagine; Q=glutamine; T=threonine; V=valine; Y=tyrosine.

  • * Although the T215D mutation does not itself confer resistance, it reflects evolution from a transmitted zidovudine resistant virus and is prone to re-emergence of resistance following initiation of therapy.7 It has therefore been included in the table.