Resources for handhelds (February 2002)

Resources for handhelds

To mark the availability of BMJ via the Palm PDA (click here to sign up for free six month trial) we have decided to compile a list of medical resources available for hand held devices.

Which is where you come in.

If you have found a particular resource useful please let us know.

Details of the following would help other users:

  • what it does
  • from where it may be downloaded
  • whether it's free or for payment
  • for which operating system(s) it was designed (Palm OS?, Windows? CE, Pocket PC)
  • How it is useful
  • Who it is for (doctors, other health care professionals, students)

We may introduce a rating system for resources, but for now we merely want to draw up as comprehensive a list as possible.

See suggestions so far.

Thank you.