The cause of clinical variance

Medicine Is a Humanitarian Profession, But Is Not Business.

20 February 2013

Dear Dr. Spence:

There is no more envy in many so-called emerging countries of the Medicine that is practiced in the US, where the business model of healthcare prevails.

In my discipline, for example, there are No Missing Medications since various forms of human insulins, Metformin, newer generation sulfonylureas, not to mention statins, all classes of anti-hypertensive and anti-platelet drugs are all Free for any citizen, independent of having private insurance, or not.

History has to move forward ... sometimes like an elephant ... but it does!

Competing interests: None declared

Jose Mario Franco de Oliveira, Associate Professor of Medicine

Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rua Senador Vergueiro # 2 apt. 202

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