Re: All trials must be registered and the results published

11 January 2013

Dear authors,

Please note Prayle, Hurley & Smyth, BMJ of Jan 3 2012 who report about compliance with mandatory reporting of clinical trial results on, based on studies registered which completed in 2009. Overall reporting rate within one year after trial completion is 22% : 40% for industry trials versus 8% for other trials (Table 2). Ben Goldacre discusses these findings on page 53 of his book by the way, but it seems not in an entirely fair manner.

Best regards, Koen Torfs.

Competing interests: I work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Koen Torfs, price & reimbursement specialist

Janssen, Janssen-Cilag GMBH, Johnson & Johnson Platz 1, Neuss, Germany

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