02 February 2013 (Vol 346, Issue 7893)

Editor's Choice

This week's Editor's Choice section

Mid Staffs and mortality data

BMJ 2013;346:f638 (Published 30 January 2013)


This week's News section

Peer publishes bill to reinstate legal duty of health secretary to provide NHS

BMJ 2013;346:f605 (Published 29 January 2013)

NHS could save £1bn by adopting green strategies used in kidney units

BMJ 2013;346:f588 (Published 28 January 2013)

In brief

BMJ 2013;346:f606 (Published 30 January 2013)

Growing wealth has resulted in greater spending on health, report argues

BMJ 2013;346:f619 (Published 30 January 2013)

DePuy knew about hip implant’s high failure rate three years before it was recalled

BMJ 2013;346:f626 (Published 29 January 2013)

Consultation starts on how to reveal payments from industry to doctors

BMJ 2013;346:f615 (Published 29 January 2013)

Only one in four people with uncontrolled epilepsy sees a specialist

BMJ 2013;346:f559 (Published 25 January 2013)

Scottish GPs prescribe more now but spend less

BMJ 2013;346:f539 (Published 24 January 2013)

Labour’s plans for health and social care would not require more “top-down” NHS changes, says Burnham

BMJ 2013;346:f568 (Published 25 January 2013)

Chief medical officer speaks out on antimicrobial resistance, drugs, and homeopathy

BMJ 2013;346:f537 (Published 24 January 2013)

Case can proceed against doctor who discussed patient’s details on train, say judges

BMJ 2013;346:f614 (Published 29 January 2013)

NHS chief tells politicians to embrace hospital closures to improve services for patients

BMJ 2013;346:f582 (Published 28 January 2013)

Surgeons set new standards for cosmetic treatments

BMJ 2013;346:f590 (Published 29 January 2013)

HFEA and HTA will not now be axed

BMJ 2013;346:f592 (Published 28 January 2013)


This week's Editorials section

Identifying risk factors for stillbirth

BMJ 2013;346:f416 (Published 24 January 2013)

β blockers for heart failure: which works best?

BMJ 2013;346:f480 (Published 24 January 2013)

Measuring hospital clinical outcomes

BMJ 2013;346:f620 (Published 30 January 2013)

Preparing for the next pandemic

BMJ 2013;346:f364 (Published 23 January 2013)



This week's Feature section

How the message from mortality figures was missed at Mid Staffs

BMJ 2013;346:f562 (Published 30 January 2013)


This week's Analysis section

Optional copayments on anti-cancer drugs

BMJ 2013;346:f349 (Published 24 January 2013)


This week's Letters section

Klinefelter’s syndrome does not cause delayed puberty

BMJ 2013;346:f518 (Published 30 January 2013)

Diagnosis of Klinefelter’s syndrome is confounded by obesity

BMJ 2013;346:f515 (Published 30 January 2013)

Proposed Child Protection Information System seems to run counter to best evidence

BMJ 2013;346:f504 (Published 30 January 2013)

Lumbar puncture in adult bacterial meningitis: time to reconsider guidelines?

BMJ 2013;346:f361 (Published 30 January 2013)

Proposed model of early dementia screening cannot be valid

BMJ 2013;346:f505 (Published 30 January 2013)


This week's Observations section

Five year survival rates can mislead

Gerd Gigerenzer, Odette Wegwarth

BMJ 2013;346:f548 (Published 29 January 2013)

Views & Reviews

This week's Views & Reviews section

Bad medicine: food intolerance

Des Spence

BMJ 2013;346:f529 (Published 30 January 2013)

Clinical networks are effective, work in patients’ interests, and shouldn’t be disbanded

Roger Boyle

BMJ 2013;346:f565 (Published 28 January 2013)


This week's Obituaries section

Pierre Chaulet

BMJ 2013;346:f571 (Published 30 January 2013)

Owen Daniel

BMJ 2013;346:f88 (Published 30 January 2013)

Paul Franklin Eminson

BMJ 2013;346:f270 (Published 30 January 2013)

Hewan Archdale Dewar

BMJ 2013;346:f266 (Published 30 January 2013)

Joseph Fergusson Glencross

BMJ 2013;346:f263 (Published 30 January 2013)

Edward Lyons

BMJ 2013;346:f271 (Published 30 January 2013)

Peter McDermott

BMJ 2013;346:f269 (Published 30 January 2013)

John Norris

BMJ 2013;346:f268 (Published 30 January 2013)

Clinical Review

This week's Clinical Review section

Prostate cancer screening and the management of clinically localized disease

BMJ 2013;346:f325 (Published 29 January 2013)


This week's Practice section

Therapeutics: Androgen deprivation treatment in prostate cancer

BMJ 2013;346:e8555 (Published 9 January 2013)


This week's Endgames section

What is the standard error of the mean?

BMJ 2013;346:f532 (Published 29 January 2013)

Abdominal pain in pregnancy

BMJ 2012;345:e6818 (Published 17 October 2012)

Sagittal computed tomography of the sellar region

BMJ 2012;345:e6769 (Published 11 October 2012)


This week's Minerva section


BMJ 2013;346:f536 (Published 30 January 2013)


BMJ 2013;346:f535 (Published 30 January 2013)

Research News

This week's Research News section

“Women who smoke like men, die like men”

BMJ 2013;346:f543 (Published 30 January 2013)

Preoperative transfusions for patients with sickle cell disease?

BMJ 2013;346:f545 (Published 30 January 2013)

No evidence of cancer risk from folate supplements

BMJ 2013;346:f546 (Published 30 January 2013)

Deactivating cardioverter defibrillators near the end of life

BMJ 2013;346:f558 (Published 30 January 2013)