Why Rudolph’s nose is red: observational study

Re: Why Rudolph’s nose is red: observational study

9 January 2013

The paper on nasal vascularisation as an explanation of Rudolf`s nasal characterisation cannot be correct. It assumes, nay asserts, that Rudolf was as other reindeer whereas, as every five year old child knows, this was not the case. It was because he was different that all of the other reindeer jeered and taunted him and refused his company in thair leisure pursuits.

My own theory is that Rudolf was a unique example of mammalian bioluminescence (of the nose). This is a well known phenomenon in the animal kingdom from the protozoa ,e.g, through glow worms to vertebrates (fish), though not heretofore described in mammals.

An alternative theory is that he, early in life, developed a rhinophyma. Do deer, especially male deer have access to alcohol and stagger about? Is that why they are called stags?

But personally I favour the theory of congenital bioluminescence. From his name one can assume the condition was innate. Why else would his parents have called him Rudolf (Olf or Olaf the Red, like Eric the Red ca 1000 AD and Danny the Red 1968)?

Competing interests: veracity

Alfred Yarrow, retired public health physician


N/a, Jerusalem 96190

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