Re: When managers rule

30 December 2012

Surely the job in itself cannot be 'amoral' (A K Anand)without blame being accrued by those colluding in carrying it out? Same old 'just doing my job/ just carrying out orders'.If it is a question of morality managers cannot be let off the hook as well as those who collude with them. But managers though are not all the big bad wolves and health workers simply powerless pussy cats, some actually believe what they are doing is right/moral. To vilify managers (and politicians) is perhaps understandable when cherished ideals are being broken in rather harsh ways. All the changes to the NHS cannot be brought about without the participation of all partners so the power is not all one sided. But If it is so unequal that NHS workers can be bullied into acceptance = or into leaving the NHS maybe there is the hidden agenda

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