Re: When managers rule

19 December 2012

Regarding 'competing interests', although I had no support from any organisation for the submitted work. I have, as my completed ICMJE form shows, worked as a part-time Senior Fellow at IHI during the last three years and I have quoted from their report in the article. I am employed part-time at Imperial College and advise Dr Foster Intelligence on their international work so, although they have no financial interest in the submitted work, I hope that they and other healthcare organisations may have a general interest in the article. Also, I will inevitably have been influenced in my thinking by my experiences during my medical career, such as when I was President of the BMA in 2003-4.

Competing interests: As stated in the article

Brian Jarman, Emeritus Professor

Imperial College, London, 12 Smithfield St, London, EC1A 9LA

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