UK’s shameful record on female genital mutilation

Why fight against FGM only?

3 February 2013

I read the article on female genital mutilation (FGM) by Sue-Lloyd Roberts and found it interesting. Personally I believe FGM is a horrible act and adults who commit such actions should be prosecuted. But let's consider MGM (male genital mutilation). Sure I would agree that in most cases MGM is probably less painful and less harmful in most ways later in the victim's life. However does this set MGM on a pedestal when compared to FGM? In my opinion MGM is almost as bad as FGM. Sure there are other cultural factors that play into this issue, but the removal of a part of someone's genitals, male or female is never justifiable and is always a form of mutilation. So why not consider genital mutilation (GM) as a whole and fight against all types of genital mutilation?

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Jay Kotecha, First year medical student

University of Leicester, University of Leicester

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